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Family Owned

Over 35 years experience in the Stunt Industry

Anybody that has worked under the SAG-AFTRA contract as a Stuntman, Stunt Rigger, or as a Stunt Coordinator, knows how complicated the contract is, and how difficult it is to figure out your pay. With travel days, time and a half pay, double-time pay, forced calls, NDB’s, meal penalties, weekend turnaround, location allowance, and stunt adjustments, it can be mind boggling to figure out if you have been paid properly.

No Headaches!

We provide accurate payroll calculations

We take the headache and confusion out of the equation. You supply us with your hours worked, and we do the payroll calculations for you. We supply you with a detailed spreadsheet explaining exactly where your money is due from, whether it be meal penalties on the front or back end, forced calls, travel time, overtime, or stunt adjustments. We use the same payroll program that the studios use, and stay up to date on the contracts so you don’t have to.

What Clients Say

STUNT PAYROLL SERVICES RECOVERED ME $13,000 ON A RUN, the proof is in the money!! No one has time to personally audit every paycheck, so to have someone watching your back is invaluable. They provide spreadsheet breakdowns, tell you money owed (or overpaid) as well as provide SAG rules supporting any disputes with accounting: convenient, thorough and extremely knowledgable. It’s a small investment and so worth it a million times over. Try it for one paycheck, you’ll sleep better at night knowing your paychecks will be correct. I’ll continue to use them and highly, HIGHLY RECOMMEND everyone does as well!!

Linda Jewell
Stunt Payroll Services helped me recover hundreds of dollars in money owed on a week of work. Not only was the explanation clear and concise but they also gave me a template form to send to production and followed up to make sure production had paid me what was owed. I will definitely be using them again.

Matt Berberi

Have a problem with your check?  Don’t call SAG-AFTRA. Call Shirley at Stunt Payroll Services. She figured out exactly what I was owed, and took care of me until I got the check in the mail. We are lucky to have you guys.

Brady Romberg