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Due to complications with SAG-AFTRA, we have temporarily suspended our payroll service until after the SAG-AFTRA contract negotiations have completed. We expect to reinstate the service sometime in July if contract negotiations are completed in a timely manner.
You may still interact with the submission forms, but not submit them for processing

How it works:

Decide if you will supply the Exhibit G’s, or if you want us to get the Exhibit G’s for you. If you want us to get the Exhibit G’s, you will need to download the Power of Attorney form and have it notarized. You can scan and email us a copy of the notarized form to get the payroll process started, but we will need you to mail the original to us. This is a one time process that will cover all shows.

Computer – ¬†Choose the appropriate form, answer all the questions, upload your Exhibit G’s, and select submit.

Mobile Phone – Take a picture of your Exhibit G at sign out, or preferably use TurboScan and save the image to your photos library. Open the program and choose the appropriate form to complete. Fill out the form answering all the questions, then select the Browse button to upload your Exhibit G’s from your photo library or Dropbox, then select submit.

Once we get the information, we enter it into our accounting system and generate your payroll report. We will email you a detailed spreadsheet, usually within 48 hours.