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The above are links to the SAG-AFTRA Rulebooks, Layman’s Rulebook, Rate Sheets, Regional Travel Waivers,  SAG-AFTRA Regional Branches.

  • SAG-AFTRA Rulebook Tab – The SAG-AFTRA Rulebook is what we are currently working under. When you click this tab, you must also look at the three Memorandums, to make sure there are no updates that have been done that are not in the 2005 Rulebook. The 2011-2014 Stunt and Safety Digest is not a Rulebook, it is a condensed interpretation of the 2005 Rulebook and Memorandums.
  • Layman’s Rulebook Tab – The Layman’s Rulebook is our version of the current 2005 Rulebook and Memorandums, written in an easy to understand explanation. We will be adding to this periodically, until we have covered the entire rulebook.
  • Rate Sheets Tab – These are the most current rate sheets.
  • Regional Travel Waiver Tab – There are Regional Travel Waivers for some of the SAG-AFTRA Branches that provide special travel rules for that area. We will be adding to this as we get copies of the Waivers.
  • SAG-AFTRA Regional Branches Tab – This tab has all the contact information for all of the regional branches.